Many of the Angus bulls raised and bred by the Latimers of Remitall Farms Inc are show champions and leaders in the Black Angus breed. Click here to be added to our Bull Sale Catalogue EMailing List.
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Remitall Farms Inc is a family-owned and operated Black Angus livestock farm led by Richard and Gary Latimer at Olds, Alberta. At Remitall Farms we strive to produce Elite Genetics to always improve the Angus breed. The challenge has taken on a lifetime of involvement and proven track record of quality and integrity.

Service bulls at our Bred Heifer Sale include Remitall F Rainman 2H, SAV Early Arrival 0903, SAV Checkmate 8158, Sitz Resilient 10208, Coleman Triumph 9145, and Mill Brae Benchmark 9016.
On Friday, October 28th, we are hosting a Bred Heifer Sale beginning at 2 pm. On offer will be 80 Black Angus Bred Heifers sired by some of our best bulls, and serviced by another fabulous group of herdsires.


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